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PRESALE | Persona 2: Innocent Sin - Suou Tatsuya - Cutie1 Plus (Prime 1 Studio)

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Product Description

Cutie1 Toys are the child of Prime 1 €™s exquisite detail and €œKawaii € Japanese style. These special collectible figures are made of soft vinyl and their design is based on what you see  on a plush toy. We are proud to present our latest €œCutie1Plus € series, which are more charming and more detailed than before!!  

The next up in the Cutie1Plus series is the  Protagonist from the Persona 2: Innocent Sin video game.  He €™s wearing the black uniform of the Seven Sisters High School, which makes a nice contrast with the purple tie, and the cool pose with the close punch shows his strength and vigor.

The figure incorporates the essence of the original Cutie1 series, such as the detailed buttons on the eyes and adding the zippers on his costume.  

Product Features

  • 4.5 inches (11.43cm)
  • Made of soft vinyl, ABS, and PVC
  • From the Persona 2: Innocent Sin video game
  • Part of the Cutie1 figure series
  • Button-styled eyes
  • Magnetic base
  • Non-articulated

Coming in September 2023