Return to Moria: Your Epic Middle-earth Quest Begins — Game Release, Plot Teasers, and a Must-Have Collectible!

Return to Moria: Your Epic Middle-earth Quest Begins — Game Release, Plot Teasers, and a Must-Have Collectible!

Embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, officially making waves in the gaming world as of October 24, 2023. This immersive survival crafting game catapults players into the heart of Middle-earth’s Fourth Age, an enthralling journey where Dwarves strive to reclaim their ancestral homeland, Moria.

Game Release

The much-anticipated title from The Lord of The Rings universe has finally made its digital debut, gracing both Playstation 5 and PC platforms. Dive into the epic narrative available for purchase on the Epic Games store. And here’s some good news for Xbox players, the game will be released for the Series X/S in early 2024, promising an extended realm of excitement for fans across various platforms.

Dwarves’ Quest for Glory in Middle-earth’s Fourth Age

In this intriguing adventure, players are immersed in the rich and beloved universe of J.R.R. Tolkien as they embark on a journey through the Fourth Age of Middle-earth. With Sauron’s defeat behind them, the spotlight now shines on the courageous Dwarves and their quest to revive their once-glorious homeland, Moria.

Gameplay Mechanics in Return to Moria

Return to Moria features procedurally generated worlds, where every journey is a unique adventure. The player can create their own Dwarf and add further customization by crafting new armor and weapons. Delve into the depths of Moria and unearth coveted treasures and crafting materials. For even more excitement, gather up to eight friends for a co-op multiplayer mode, immersing yourselves in this dynamic world together.

The Lord of the Nazgûl Statue by Cooledtured

As fans await the release of Return to Moria, there’s an additional treat for collectors and enthusiasts. Cooledtured offers The Lord of the Rings: The Witch-king of Angmar from Weta Workshop. This figure, standing at 7.68 x 12.21 x 7.68 inches, is a meticulous rendering from licensed 3D assets. With Weta Workshop’s commitment to authenticity and precision, this collectible offers the perfect opportunity for fans to own a piece of Middle-earth memorabilia in their very own home.

Now that The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria is officially released, it’s your chance to add the game to your digital library. Head into the immersive world, take on challenges to survive, and enjoy the excitement of helping the Dwarves rebuild their kingdom. And for a physical collectible from Middle-earth, hurry over to cooledtured to claim your very own Lord of the Nazgûl statue.



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