Pre-Order Now: Funko Pop! Ahsoka TV Series Collection Lands in October 2023!

Prepare to dive into the iconic Star Wars universe as Funko Pop! reveals the Ahsoka TV Series Collection, now open for pre-order and set to release in October 2023. This collection breathes life into beloved characters from the TV series, encapsulating the spirit of the Star Wars galaxy within detailed Funko Pop! figures.

The collection introduces figures that encapsulate the essence of the Ahsoka TV series. Among them is Ahsoka Tano, the fearless former Jedi Padawan. Professor Huyang, the legendary lightsaber-crafting droid.

Marrok, the mysterious and formidable Imperial Inquisitor, brings a touch of the dark side to the collection, while General Hera embodies leadership and bravery as the Twi’lek New Republic general and pilot of the Ghost. C1–10P, known as “Chopper,” is also immortalized in perfect Funko Pop! form.

Display these figures proudly or keep them in their original packaging — the choice is yours. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the Ahsoka TV series and the entire Star Wars universe in style. Visit cooledtured now to pre-order your Funko Pop! Ahsoka TV Series Collection and ensure your Star Wars adventure is complete. May the collectibles be with you!



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