Own the Force: Pre-order Your Limited Edition Ahsoka Tano Figure Now!

In the vast Star Wars universe, Ahsoka Tano, the resilient former Jedi padawan from The Clone Wars, is set to join your collection through Kotobukiya’s ARTFX series. This carefully crafted Ahsoka Tano collector’s figure stands at an impressive 9.45 inches, displaying meticulous 1/7 scale detailing.

Detailing every aspect of Ahsoka’s character, from her distinct montrals to the intricacies of her outfit, this figure showcases Kotobukiya’s renowned craftsmanship. Expected to release in January 2024, it’s a much-anticipated addition for collectors worldwide.

The figure captures Ahsoka in a dynamic mid-action pose, exuding strength and determination. Beyond being a collectible, it’s a genuine representation that adds a touch of the Force to any space. As a limited edition release, this masterpiece is a noteworthy acquisition for Star Wars enthusiasts.

You can secure your Ahsoka Tano collector’s figure now by pre-ordering from Cooledtured. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Star Wars history. Act now and let Ahsoka become a distinguished presence in your collection. May the Force accompany you on this collector’s journey.



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